Lance Loud’s Holiday Classic

The other day I found a mysterious roll of exposed film in my desk drawer, so I had it developed and was pleased to discover photos from a show I went to last winter. It was cold and foggy and the show was pretty much outside (it was in a barn), but it was a good time nonetheless, and some of the photos I took came out really well. There were a bunch of people taking pictures there so I tried to time my exposures to catch flashes from other cameras, which resulted in some pretty interesting double images.

The first band that played was The Lab Rats, a throwback to the punk shows that used to go down at Trinity Cathedral in Trenton.

Next Radar Noon played a short set of smooth, dance-y electronic music.

Radar Noon was followed by Knights Templar, a great avant-garde punk band made up of Dave Hallinger and Mike Topley from Alien Father, Chris Yaple (Friends and Family), and Lance Loud himself on the synth.

Sea Nifkin, the free-music ensemble from Brother and Brother Records ended the night. They began their set by chanting, “I heard about that big-ole dick you got,” before plunging into an extended jam session that included two drummers, dueling guitar / bass solos, a cello, and a pair of trumpets. Great as well.

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