Dream: Surfing and Dancing

For a long time I have been keeping a dream journal, and it never really occurred to me to post dreams on this blog, but it seems like a good idea, so I think I’m going to start doing it. I always like hearing about other people’s dreams, so I suppose some people might like to hear mine. This is what I dreamt last night:

I am in a small beach town with brick buildings and cobblestone streets and lots of pine and cypress trees. In the beginning, I am eating dinner on the beach with some family and friends and I make comment about how I want to surf but I don’t really care about doing any really fancy tricks, I just want to flow with the water. That makes my uncle Hugh happy and he stands up and points at me in a “Yeah, right on!” sort of way.

Later I am surfing outside a small street full of shops and stuff. The beach is sooo long and slopes dramatically uphill, and the waves break huge even in really shallow parts. Also there are pine trees and rocks everywhere, so everyone has to be careful. I find a spot almost at the top of the beach, where a little kid is also surfing. He is pretty cool and we share the spot. I see some huge waves come up before i am ready to get started, but once I am in the water, only small waves make their way that far up the beach. Finally a decent sized one comes up and I catch it. I ride up the beach, through some trees, and the wave begins to get even bigger. It pushes up over the beach, into the street, getting even taller, and finally breaks on a building, throwing me off my board. I land on my feet on a one-story-high roof and everyone cheers for me. My first wave! I raise my fist in acknowledgment. I am afraid to jump off the roof, however, so I gingerly work my way down and get back in the water.

Later I am inside the building I landed on, now on the second floor, with Christian, his cousin, Darin, and some other people. We are in a room that I have been in before, and in which Jimpster and my mom spent some time as well. There is a cup of juice left on a table that I left there a long time ago and Jimpster tried but didn’t like. We are all about to go to sleep, but someone puts some good music on and I start dancing. I do a crazy twirling heel-toe kind of dance and everybody enjoys it. Later Jonathan comes back, and sometime after that, everyone goes to sleep.


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