Day 1 – Do you believe in God? What religion are you?

I don’t really take stock in any particular religious/metaphysical stance. I feel that any belief of this kind, no matter how sophisticated or elegant, is merely an attempt at describing The Way Things Are, and since none of us have the ability to step outside of our own experience to observe this, we don’t really have a vocabulary to talk about it. We do the best we can to make sense of things from our limited perspective, and religion, science, and superstition are just attempts at finding meaning in all this sense-data we are swimming in. The difference between statements like “God made it,” “It made itself,” “It is because…,” and “It just is,” is really just where they place that meaning and the terms they use to describe it. So, while I do think it is worthwhile to theorize and experiment to try to uncover as much about the universe as we can, we have to recognize that any conclusion we reach is extremely limited.

I can say though, that I personally don’t think about the universe in terms of a personal god. My view is more along the lines of a Daoist perspective, based on balance and harmony between opposing forces (Man/Nature, Heaven/Earth, Masculine/Feminine, etc). I try to align my actions with the natural way of the universe, and maintain balance in my life. I was raised Quaker, and that also had a large impact on how I look at the world. Quakerism generally emphasizes pacifism, equality, direct relationship to the divine, and thinking/feeling for oneself rather than accepting the interpretations of authority, all things that I try to employ in my life. Sorry if this was long, but I don’t have a simple answer, haha.


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