Sea|Mester Part 5: Surf Day & Ile Fourche

After a long night of partying in Gustavia, the next day was “Surf Day!” I’d never surfed before and was very excited to try it out. I couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more beautiful beach, and I had a lot of fun paddling around and trying to catch waves, although I only managed to ride a few.

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° The water was clear and warm, and the waves were great, if a little small.

° We only had four boards for the group, but everyone got to catch at least a few waves.


After surfing we ate a picnic lunch of French cheeses, baguettes, and peanut butter & Jelly.

While lounging on the beach I wrote this journal entry on my ipod:

Chillin at a beach hotel on st barths right now and it’s super nice! People are speaking French all around and I kinda understand. I’d like to spend some more time here and learn more French. I hope one day Christie and I can hit up some islands together. That would be so fun. […] I love travelling and being down here has made me love it even more. Just hanging out on new places and talking to people can be so interesting. I’ve met some rly cool people so far, like the Rastas at chevys, Kent huggins, the couple from lime an the coconut, Sean Paul, the old rasta dude at le select, the old French sailor. Just a bunch if interesting characters that I probably wouldn’t have run into or talked to of I hadn’t been on the move. It’s also been fun getting to know everybody on Seamester. They’re all rly cool and I hope we stay in touch and continue to hang out after it’s over. I have the weirdest tan right now. Calves and forearms mad tan, shoulders pretty tan, torso kinda pale, and thighs buttery and snow white. Hahahaha lol so funny hehe. I think I’ve really learned a lot on thus trip though. Lots of practical skills like knot tying and stuff and also confidence an stuff. Just doing things on my own on the way down and in the day before taught me a lot about managing stress and lettin life take it’s course. I was so worried about everything but all I had to do was chill out, do whatever was in my power to do, and things sorted themselves out nicely. And I had some stories to tell when it was all over. I had to waste a bunch if money on a new passport but it was worth it for the lessons I learned. Ok done writing for now, peace out.

The next afternoon we motored over to Ile Fourche, an uninhabited nearby island and dropped anchor for the night.

In the morning we dinghied to shore for a sunrise hike.

It was a very cool hike. The island was really rocky, with four or five different peaks each made up of slightly different sized/textured boulders.

° The group (minus a few) at sunrise

After watching the sun break the horizon with the group, a few of us decided to climb what looked like the tallest of the peaks (although it was hard to tell for sure).

Looking down at Ocean Star, almost at the peak.

Matt and Champ at the top watching the sunrise.

Zane chillin in a little cave.

(Photos marked with ° were taken by other crew members)

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