The Man With the Iron Fist

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Another entry about the RZA… This video is a trailer for a movie he is working on, called The Man with the Iron Fist. It looks like it’s going to be really good: written, directed, and scored by RZA, produced by Eli Roth, contributed to by Quentin Tarantino, and featuring both RZA’s own martial arts teacher Sifu Shi Yan Ming (with whom he studies Qi Gong) and his and ODB’s uncle Dr. King Ogun Ali Muhammad. I’m guessing the trailer is mostly test footage, because according to this article, the project has received funding but has yet to begin shooting. In any case, I can’t wait for this to come out. Oh, and in case you didn’t think this was awesome enough already, that’s John Frusciante playing guitar in the trailer.

Funky Forest: The First Contact

These are two great scenes from my favorite movie right now: Funky Forest: The First Contact. This is a totally rad film by Katsuhito Ishii, Hajimine Ishimine and Shunichiro Miki. It plays like a collection of shorts, but does have a loose connective story. It is hilariously surreal and mostly nonsensical, but in a deep, meaning-of-life sort of way; right up my alley. Check it out if you like dreams, dancing, or anything Japanese. I’m definitely making my own “Thanks Tony” sweatshirt now.