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The Earth as a Battery

I’ve been thinking a lot about the global warming debate lately, and I feel that the two sides that get the most media exposure are generally pretty annoying to listen to. On one side there are conservative republicans who simply refuse to hear anything that may support the hypothesis that temperature rise is being triggered by humans. On the other side there are whiny liberals who seem to think that government sponsored emissions reduction programs are all that is needed to save us from impending doom. To me, global warming is sort of a non-issue. Whether or not you believe that changes in the climate are man-made or natural, you cannot easily deny that changes are happening, nor can you deny that nearly everyone in America is using more than their fair share of resources, simply based on the level of poverty elsewhere. If there were enough available resources to go around, they would. The fact that people are poor and animals are dying shows us that either there is simply not enough for everyone, or too few people control too much. In either case, there is a clear, easy solution hanging right under our noses: USE LESS. Everyone in the world cannot live like Americans have been. That we continue to do so in the face of this knowledge is not only selfish and ignorant, but irrational. Our wealth depends on the poverty of others for its sustenance, and as the American Dream becomes ever more prevalent across the globe, the people it fucks over are getting fucked harder and harder. Whether or not this lifestyle can last is not a question. Just like your brand new laptop, it is designed to fail, making the question not if it is going to happen, but when.