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May 2nd, 1989

May 2 1989 The second of May has been an interesting day throughout history. Leonardo DaVinci died on this day in 1519. In 1536 Anne Boelyn was arrested on charges of aldultery, incest and treason and imprisoned in the Tower of London. In 1863 Stonewall Jackson was injured by friendly fire after the battle of Chancellorsville. In 1906 photographer Philippe Halsman was born, and in 1945 the Soviet Red Army captured Berlin and German forces surrendered in Italy. Most notably, however, in 1989 I, Ross Michael Heutmaker, opened my eyes for the first time. It’s been 20 years since that day, and I’ve since grown a bit (both taller and hairier), gone to school, got my wisdom teeth, started a band, made some great friends, and met a nice lady named Christie. The nineteenth year of my life, though, was relatively uneventful, so I am going to try to make the upcoming 365 days more interesting.

The image above shows the date of my birth written in the Mayan calendar system. I was born in the 12th baktun, 18th katun, 16th tun, and 6th kin. (this is the long count date – the long count calenendar which counts up from what Mayan astronomers pinpointed as the beginning of time) My birthday fell on the 2nd Cimi of the Tzolkin (260 day cycle of 20 named days repeating 13 times), and the 4th Uo of the Haab (360 day cycle of 18 months and 20 numbered days). I got the graphic here.

Happy Birthday to me!

May 2 1945