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Life at 1146 and the End of Summer

Summer has slipped away once again. I was pretty busy not really doing anything and hardly noticed it passing. I was so busy, in fact, that I didn’t even have the time to write in this blog, or go to Maine or Arizona, or read all the books I wanted to, or go to tai chi classes or music lessons. Mostly I was working (as a cook in a poolside snackbar at the Trenton Country Club – a job which ended on labor day). The hours were pretty long, so I usually just slept and hung out whenever I wasn’t at work. Though this sounds like a failed summer, it wasn’t really so bad. In fact, I’d say it was, overall, a good one. Life at the house has been good (except for some recent drama), and I feel that it is going to keep getting better.

Here are some photos that other people took on my camera of things that happened over the summer: (more…)

Back to Nature, with Polish Techno Music

I went camping in Absecon NJ a couple weekends ago with Christie, Polly, Devon, Evan and D. Finally got the film developed. Check it out.


Lance Loud’s Holiday Classic

The other day I found a mysterious roll of exposed film in my desk drawer, so I had it developed and was pleased to discover photos from a show I went to last winter. It was cold and foggy and the show was pretty much outside (it was in a barn), but it was a good time nonetheless, and some of the photos I took came out really well. There were a bunch of people taking pictures there so I tried to time my exposures to catch flashes from other cameras, which resulted in some pretty interesting double images.