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Dream: Escape to Hagrid’s

I seem to have a lot of dreams involving characters or events from Harry Potter, especially Dumbledore, as well as dreams in which I am a fugitive on the run from something or someone. Last night I had one that combined both these themes:

I am at a kind of boot camp / prison. It is a one story compound located somewhere just behind or perhaps on palmer lane, the street in back of my parents’ house. The place has a long central corridor where everything happens, and has tiny cells/rooms all along its length. All our cell phone signals are jammed and a radar screen showing the locations of everyone in the building is broadcast to our phones instead. If you go to the windows on the south end, however, you can sometimes get a signal. Late one night, I go down there and move carefully from window to window, trying to get service to check my messages. Finally I get a message about my brother. He is now a barber, and the message says something like “The haircut was very good, he left too many stems though.” I didn’t know my brother was selling weed, so I decide I should get out and see what’s going on and make sure he’s safe. I go outside the room I am in but the warden, Brian (the conservative kid from my class, mixed with elements of Kyle Pelke), is waiting for me. Ironically, he is cutting the hair of one of the other officers and is holding a razor ready to shave him. He brandishes the razor at me and says, “Going somewhere?” I bolt toward the north end of the building, duck into one of the rooms and break the window with my elbow. I climb out and struggle through a pitch black tangle of brambles and bushes, ending up in someone’s backyard. I run as fast as I can around to the front of the house and into the street. I can hear them behind me but I don’t think they can see me just yet. I cross the street at the intersection of Lower Ferry and Stuyvesant and slip through the gate of the Deaf School. I decide to head for Hagrid’s hut, because I know the headmaster of the school (Dumbledore?) has forbid the warden from entering that part of the grounds. The sun must have come up by now, because it is getting very light out, and the officers have picked up my trail again. I am running like a madman, faster than ever before, jumping huge gaps and climbing rocks like they are nothing. Finally I reach the border beyond which the officers cannot go. The warden sends his daughter to come after me in his place. I hide behind the corner of one of the school buildings and when she comes around, she does not attempt to capture me, but sits down to talk. She is very pretty, half black with dark eyes and a lot of curly hair, and she has a gun but she puts it down as she sits. We talk for about fifteen minutes, and she apologizes for her father’s behavior. Finally, she goes back, and I continue on to Hagrid’s.