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The End

Today was good. I had 5/8 of an 8 page paper to finish by 7:30 for my Krzysztof Kieslowski class, and a Philosophy of Religion exam to take from 5-7, so I spent most of the day in the library writing/studying. I ended up not finishing my paper until 9:30, but it felt so great to have it finished and out of my hands. Now I have just 4 more pages of writing to do before I’m done for the semester.

On the way back from dropping off my paper I saw a black and white cat hiding in the bushes so I tried to see if it would let me pet it. I walked up toward it but it ran a little further away and stared at me from behind the railing of some stairs. I started inching towards it, taking one step every ten seconds or so. Every time someone else walked by the cat would look up, but other than that we just stared at each other the whole time. Finally, when I got within about five feet it scampered off and acted like it didn’t care, but I saw it look back at me before ducking behind some bushes. Later, at 11 they were giving away free pizza in the student center. By then it was raining so Enrico and I walked under a manly black and white umbrella and Christie took the girly green one and we got two slices each of some yummy (big daddy?) pizza.

In honor of the end of classes, here are some funny, out of context quotes from James Taylor, my modern philosophy professor:

Unsolved mysteries… One of those words is clearly redundant.

Last time you were in the bookstore, what did you find in the metaphysics section? New age stuff? Right, vast piles of crap.

Incidentally, if you like to see children dancing, try putting them in an electrified wire cage and then asking them, ‘would you like to dance?‘”

Ebola is a wonderful virus.

Is Stalin a nice person, or a naughty one?

On the side of your house is a meter with three coin slots labelled ‘gas,’ ‘electric,’ and ‘no zebra…’ If you don’t feed the meter, a zebra will appear in your living room.

“Synthetic, a priori propositions yield new knowledge that is necessarily true, and this, for Kant, is sexier than a weasel in a tutu.”

Speaking of Krzyzstof Kieslowski, if you haven’t seen any of his films, do so as soon as possible. They are some of the most magical, haunting and thought provoking movies I’ve ever seen. And many have AMAZING musical scores by Zbigniew Preisner. This is from La Double Vie de Véronique: