Sea|Mester Part 2: Nevis

Charlston, Nevis was our first stop after leaving the BVIs, and an extremely welcome port after a brutal 30 hour passage through gnarly squalls and 8-9 foot swells from Peter Island.

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° Our first sight of Nevis, around midday

After doing a bit of “Boat Appreciation” (cleaning our asses off), we dinghied to shore to explore Charlestown.

° It was a very cool town. Not too touristy at all. We got ice cream, walked around, and watched a bit of the world cup at a little sports bar, before heading back to the boat.

° It was “Mexican Night” and I helped Chase and Madd Dog make a beastly awesome meal.

That night, we all headed to shore and landed on the beach in front of a little rasta bar called Chevy’s for our first night out. (° No pictures from the bar are mine)

The locals were pretty into karaoke, and they were nasty at it. This guy was drunk off his ass but he would hit every note of any 80s pop song he sang.

Our crew wasn’t so skilled. Eric and Casey did a squeaky/mumbled but very lively interpretation of “Staying Alive.”

I joined Madd Dog, Chase and Dave for “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” a song which proved to be pretty difficult. No one knew the verses at all.

° The next day, we hiked the Source Trail, a trail that leads up the volcanic Nevis Peak along a freshwater stream that supplies much of the island’s water.

Nevis is pretty poor, and on the way to the trail head we passed a lot of shanties and shacks.

The jungle was beautiful

° Looking up the mountain

At the top of the trail was a rusted ladder

° It was MAD rickety but it did its job and nobody died or fell off

The stream went further up the mountain, but this was as far as we could get

On the descent

A hermit crab

When we got down the mountain, we stopped at the lovely Golden Rock Inn. Tired and dirty from hiking, swimming in this beautiful pool was one of the most relaxing experiences of the trip.

We sat down for lunch on an outdoor terrace

Grilled local-caught fish on homemade bread. It was delicious.

Coffee and cardamom ice cream

Back in Charlestown, we hung out on this street corner for a while, trying to think of something to do with the little time we had left before we had to return to the ship.

After a while this man, Kent Huggins, came along. He was super nice and offered to show us some of the islands’ volcanic hot springs. He also sold us some amazing pineapples.

° The springs were pretty cool, and very hot.

° Nevis was an awesome island. I had a great time there and I was sad to leave, but excited for our next stop: Antigua

(Photos marked with ° were taken by other crew members)

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